Empowering institutional memory.

Teamsight is a new way to store your team's knowledge. Store, organize and find your knowledge in an instant. Have less meetings, work better and iterate quicker.

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Store. Organize. Find.

Your information, never forgotten.

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Beautiful by design and collaborative at its core. Write your information without spending hours on it.


All your knowledge is organized by teams and collections. Keep your organization's information accessible to all.


Search and find everything that's ever been written in your organization in seconds. Never lose organizational knowledge again.

And a little more.

Chat and share

Using Slack? Connect directly to your favorite chat app to invite new users and share snippets without leaving Slack.

Snapshot and restore

Never lose old content - we snapshot your snippets to allow you to store and restore previous versions.

Contextualize snippets

Link snippets together to create a contextualized wiki and never get lost again.

Keep users in the loop

Ping others and watch snippets to always keep your team in the know.